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» Is this service free?
Yes! You can use all features of for free and without limitation! Register now!

» How does Monitoring4U work?
After you signed up on you can immediately add your sites for monitoring. Select how often you want your site checked and we will do the rest - you are ready to go! You can see performance information of your website directly on Monitoring4U!

» I can not sign up! Where is my activation E-Mail?
Please check your Junk-Mail folder. Try to sign in and click on "send again". If that does not work just sign up again or write to us.

» How can i view performance info for a desired day?
Go to the overview page and click on the calendar symbol: and pick your date.

» How many websites can i set up for monitoring?
The limit is per domain. You can add 3 sites of a domain but there is no limit for different domains.

» Why is my website sometimes slower and sometimes faster? has a user contributed worldwide server network. If you don't restrict countries your page will be visited from servers all over the world. This can result in different latency times that can be slower than a server that is closer to your server.

» How can i use to get more real traffic?
Download our Server program on the main page (bottom). After installing you will be promted to upload your site logo and to provide your URL and site title. The longer you leave the program running the more often users will see your site logo on The program can run in the background. It checks other sites performance.

» How can i share the performance stats of my sites with someone?
Each stat has a share-button. You can specify a password for each site and will get a link to share each stat.

» How can i add a website?
To prove that you are the owner of your domains you will have to put a .txt file into the root directory of your domains. Just follow the instructions on the "New Page" page. Download the text file and upload it with your SSH or FTP program on your server. If you need help feel free to contact us. We will help as soon as possible!

» Why are there no stats after i added my site?
Monitoring4U will fetch your web page in your specified interval. Please make sure that you have activated your site.


Do you have any problems, requests for a feature or any other desire that you want to tell us? Just fill out the form, we will respond as soon as possible.

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