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 Terms of service

Last update: 1. 1. 2013

§1: Preface
§1.1: In the following contract ("contract") the creator ("service operator") of this site ("Monitoring4U", "Website") places conditions to you ("user" / "users" / "you") and specifies a non-liability.
§1.2: Monitoring4U enables the user to check a website owned by the user for availability in specified intervals.

§2: This is a contract between you and the service operator.

§2.1: By viewing and browsing through this website, a contract between you and the service operator arises. This contract holds infinite until the service operator or the user cancels it.
§2.2: The contract regulates the limitation of liability of the service operator. Read of it in the further paragraph §4.

§3: Using Monitoring4U
You are responsible for all actions you make and take all responsibility for all actions on Monitoring4U.
§3.2: You arn't granted to use Monitoring4U for any other purposes than for private.
§3.3: You arn't granted to copy or publish content of Monitoring4U. You need a written permission. Read of it in the paragraph §5.
§3.4: You accept that Monitoring4U will log all your activities with your IP Address.
§3.5: This website uses Stats4U, a program for Website traffic analaysis. Stats4U collects data during your visit on this website and provides reports and realistic statistics about site usage and visitor count. Furthermore, Stats4U records your mouse movements. The webmaster will see how much you used each function on this website. This program also collects data about your geographical position. (Country, City) Beside all this, you stay completely anonymous. By using this website you agree to the previous statements.
§3.6: You insure that you dont cause damage in form of Spam, illegal statements and contents or other immoral actions on Monitoring4U.

§4: Restriction of the adhesion of the service operator
§4.1: Because Monitoring4U is completely for free, you cant take any compensations for eventual damage, random damage, following damage or damage because of escaped profit.
§4.2: The service operator of Monitoring4U is not responsibile for the content of possibly linked pages on Monitoring4U.
§4.3: The service operator can not be held responsible for any downtime of the server of the user caused by requests of Monitoring4U.
§4.4: THE SERVICE OPERATOR CANT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY for the functionality, usability, accesibility, any kind of damage of users or something else and dissociate from all damage which can be caused by Monitoring4U.

§5: Copyright
§5.1: The copyright for Monitoring4U is owned by the service operator ("Lukas Wojcik").
§5.2: Possibly shown pictures, mentioned marks and shown brand names are subject to the copyright of their respective owners.
§5.3: Copying requires written permission. Copyright © Lukas Wojcik 2012. All rights reserved.
§5.4: All data uploaded by users and printed on Monitoring4U is copyrighted by the respective owner. The service operator has no influence on user specific data and can not be held responsibly for any damage made by a user. If the user takes use of registered label names, the user makes himself/herself punishable in some cases.
§5.5: All contents and contributions of users are copyrighted and owned by the respective users.
§5.6: You are not allowed to copy or publish any pictures / flash objects which are generated on Monitoring4U. You are not allowed to copy any program code from Monitoring4U.

§6: Changes of the contract
§6.1: The contract can change without reminding you so take sometimes a look on it. If you dont agree to a changed paragraph so you have to quit this contract immediately.
§6.2: If you want to quit this contract then you arn't allowed to use Monitoring4U anymore.
§6.3: The service operator is allowed to cancel your registration at any time. He is allowed to exclude you for some time. If the service operator cancels the contract, you aren't allowed to use any service from Monitoring4U.
§6.4: If this contract gets quited all data will remain in our database, but without access to it.

§7: Privacy & Cookies
§7.1: By using this website you agree that third parties (including Google) can store cookies for ad purposes on your machine.
§7.2: These cookies enable third parties to serve user relevant ads.
§7.3: You can opt out of this by visiting this site:
§7.4: uses Cookies to identify you as a registred user.

§8: Final clauses
§8.1: By using this website you agree that all mutualnesses will be operated in Austria, Vienna.
§8.2: Should one or more regulations of this agreement become ineffective, so the effectiveness of the other regulations dont gets influenced by this.
§8.3: Applicable right is the right of the Austrian Republic.

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